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Como usted sabe, WINDEV, WEBDEV y WINDEV Mobile son entornos compatibles que comparten los elementos de un proyecto. Nunca antes había sido tan fácil construir aplicaciones multi-objetivos.
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Software availability in "version 12"
WINDEV 12, WEBDEV 12, WINDEV Mobile 12

This page is intended for our customers who ordered an upgrade to version 12,
or who are entitled to receive version 12 (purchase after 09/15/2007 for instance).
If you do not own licenses in version 12, please order your upgraded version now.

First of all, thank you for your faith in our company.
We are glad to count you as one of our customers.

Please note that in any case, you will receive the full package (including "paper" documentation and CD or DVD) of the relevant version 12 (either with your pre-release, or with your final version).

This package is now available and currently sent to our customers.
In any case, you will receive the CD or DVD of the "final" version (if you have received a pre-release package for instance).

Regardless of the procedure used (whether you download the version or not), you will receive, in a single package or in several packages, the full package and the CD or DVD of the final version of each software ordered.

What's really happening?
The versions are available for download.
The packages and the printed documentation are also available and they are currently being sent to our customers.
They depend on the licenses that you own.
Please do not hesitate to contact us (by phone or email) for more information.

Of course, you still can work with the previous versions.
Version 12 and previous versions can be installed on the same computer.

A new license was purchased after 09/15/2007
In most cases, your license is activated for the version 12 (the serial numbers "12" start with W12A, K12A or T12A). If this is not the case, the activation method will be automatically emailed to you.
Download version 12, it will operate on your computer.
You ordered one or more upgrades to the versions 12 and you want to receive the beta version
Your order will be processed, the invoice will be issued and the payment will be made, and the instructions to operate your versions 12 will be emailed to you at the same time.
Then, your packages (including the printed documentation and CD or DVD) will be automatically sent to you in June.
You ordered one or more upgrades to the versions 12 but you do not want to receive the beta version
The versions 12 cannot be downloaded yet. Your versions 12 will be sent to you at the end of June.
However, if you changed your mind and if you want to receive the beta version, send us an email or a fax indicating that you want to receive the beta version, and don't forget to specify your personal details and the order date or a serial number. Please note that this action will activate the invoicing and the payment.