Paquete de software de desarrollo de aplicaciones multiplataforma    Suite de software de desarrollo para aplicaciones multiplataformas
Como usted sabe, WINDEV, WEBDEV y WINDEV Mobile son entornos compatibles que comparten los elementos de un proyecto. Nunca antes había sido tan fácil construir aplicaciones multi-objetivos.
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WINDEV and WEBDEV "Client/Server" (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Progress...)

WINDEV and WEBDEV come with a powerful network database that you can deploy for free.

Native Connectorses to the databases:

AS/400 &
Oracle SQL
Sybase MySQL xBase
Access PostgreSQL
DB2 Informix SQLite

WINDEV and WEBDEV are equally opened to other market databases via ODBC, OLEDB and above all by the fast, powerful and efficient "Native Connectors" (i.e. without ODBC or OLEDB).

Use of the hread* family commands is possible with native accesses. FileToScreen is naturally active.

Native Connectors enables support of lock management: if a record is locked while you're trying to access it (reading or writing), the WINDEV automatic lock management window will appear and enable the operation to be restarted.

Database structures are therefore fully integrated in the WINDEV and WEBDEV environment.
The full force of WINDEV is at your service: RAD, analysis and program documentation, automatic browse table creation, visual query editor, report generator (with labels, background, bar codes, and more). …

Access performances are optimized (reading, writing) and available features (locks) enable development to the highest level.

For further details, see "All databases" and "Client/Server" in the WINDEV brochure

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