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 Product  WEBDEV 9
 Version  01-90034ju
 Date  September 29, 2005

You must own a registered version of WebDev 9 US or Benelux or International before downloading the module proposed on this page.

This version enables you to create deployable applications.

This version still contains some elements not fully translated in English, notably:
- Online help

This version contains various updates based on the feedback received on version 90034i.

This version also introduces some new features, such as:
- HFSQL Client/Server: transaction management (Beta version). Transaction management is available in beta version from this release.

Some elements are not yet available in English:
- Tutorial (printed documentation and examples)
- Concepts (printed documentation)
- Examples
- Components

These modules will be available for download as soon as available in English.

How do I install this version?
1. Download the module below in a directory (select 'Save on disk').
2. Once the module has been downloaded, run the program found in the download directory.
3. Follow the instructions.

   WebDev 9 - Ref. 01-90034ju  WB90PACK034ju.exe
388.5 MB 

You can also download the WebDev 9 Concepts or Tutorial manual:
- Right-click the link below and choose 'Save on disk'.
   WebDev 9 - Concepts  Concepts.pdf
22.68 MB 
December 12, 2005 
 WebDev 9 - Tutorial  Tutorial.pdf
18.3 MB 
December 20, 2005 

When the maximum number of simultaneous downloads has been reached, an error message is displayed ("Unable to display page"), preventing you from downloading a copy. Please retry later. If you still can't download a copy after a few attempts, contact our Free Technical Support.

WebDev is intended for professional developers. In most cases, professional developers have access to a fast Internet connection (ADSL, etc.) Therefore, downloading a copy doesn't generate any additional cost and can be performed very efficiently. However, if you don't have fast Internet access (specific geographical areas, firewall or other reason) and if you don't want to download a copy via modem, send an e-mail to our Free Technical Support. Specify your serial number, your Internet connection speed and your personal information (name and address). We will send you a CD containing a copy of the updated version within a few days.

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